Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baglung, Nepal

Baglung District, Dhaulagiri Zone

The day after the wedding, with not much of a plan but to fly to Jomson, we (cousin Sona, Rajya aunty and her friend Ratna) headed to Pokhara.
With the recent news of plane plunges and crashes, we were dreading the flight. On our way, we were warned about frequent flight delays/cancellation due to the monsoon (mid June). There had not been a single take off for five days already.
Despite, we were to spend a night in Pokhara and fly the next morning. Well, something else was stored in for us, we had to go for Plan B. 
Ratna aunty insisted on taking us to her home town, Baglung which is 2 hours drive from Pokhara. We took a taxi, and came to know from the driver, there were the one responsible for the next day's Pokhara 'Bandh'(strike), protesting against police harassment on taxi drivers.
Baglung, is a town in western Nepal, 275 km west of Kathmandu. It is the headquarter of Baglung District and Dhawalagiri Zone.Baglung bazaar overlooks  Kali Gandaki river and surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides and one could see Dhaulagiri range.
1993, thats's a long time- Baglung

We didnt do much on the day but ate a lot, all organic and fresh straight from aunty's farm. Next morning, we woke up with the sleeves rolled up. Looking at Ratna aunty making 'Mohi' buttermilk in 'theki/madani' ( a traditional way of making mohi ), we wanted to give it a go. It was fun. 
Rajya aunty trying her hands on-making 'mohi'.
A very healthy breakfast and Ratna aunty took us to her farm, about half an hour away from her place. Amazed with everything, the place was contemplating. The place had lot to offer, from cows/buffaloes to little chickens, overly loaded not very tall mangoes trees to peaches & plums.
Ratna aunty's farm-goats

Mango trees

Bee-keeping, Ratna aunty's farm house

Not that I expected fresh lychees from dense trees would be sour but we picked a bag full of. It was peaceful, earthy and fresh with a newly built farm house. We were picked up and back to aunty's place for delicious lunch with 'mohi' we made little earlier. Yum!

Lychees fresh from the tree.